Oh, yet another rich chinese die!

Posted On 23/10/2007

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Oh, Yet another rich chinese die .

Go around the world, whenever there is a research breakthrough, you will notice the funding always associate with some “big name”. Beside funding on R&D, donation to education, medical are common for western country super rich. For example, do you know that, the land that United Nations Secretariat Building reside are donated by Rockefeller ? And Ford foundation, Carnegie Foundation etc.

And the famous Nobel prize are run by The Nobel Foundation, establish by Alfred Nobel. Even after 101 years Alfred Nobel pass away, the world people still pay a respect to the name Nobel.

In future, we will see more and more Asian wealthy people going up the rich and famous go up the forbes 100 list. And I can bet with you, less than 10 will be remember by people after 5 years they deceased, provided there is no “news factor” about their heir and inheritance.

It is rather funny that Chinese proverb say, “when the tiger die, it left over the skin, when a man die, they left over the name”. It rarely happens to many rich Chinese people, for the part of leaving a good name.

Compare to the Genting owner, Shaw Brother studio founder, Sir Run Run Shaw has donate more than 1 Billions dollars to date.


2 Responses to “Oh, yet another rich chinese die!”

  1. amos

    Warren Buffet donated US$37 billion!! With all due respect, that would blow Sir Run Run Shaw’s 1 billion.

    moo_t : Agree, by dollar to dollar sense, Warren Buffer are the winner. In fact, Warren Buffet donation still way behind the old USA economy wealthy people, e.g. Rockefeller, Carnegie; if you count the inflation. Nevertheless, with due respect, these people has donate a substantial portion of their health for society well being.

  2. jason

    fyi: Lim Goh Tong, Lee Kah Sing and many others chinese riches are philantrophist.

    moo_t : philantrophist? Huh. This must be fairly depends on track record. I think LGT only partially qualified. As far as I know, some rich people political donation are 100 times to 1000 times more than donation for public goods.

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