The E-factor of Lingam tape

Posted On 26/10/2007

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Despite earning the title of pirated VCD,DVD kingdom that now spawn to oversea, when come to technology, Malaysia government and village folks are poor to present technology.

In the yesteryear, during Mahathir administration, copies of video evident can be easily destroy to cover politikus ass. In fact, a few copies of this video are still within the safekeeping of the government, as a “memorandum” to remind those crooks politikus how the “owe” the BN government. The old analog age has make information duplication difficult, thus allow any over power government to hold as much information as possible in their disposal.

The coming broadband digital age change the arena. The Lingam Tape scandal , is merely an assault to the overpower government in the digital age.

When the ACA make their assault to threat with jail term towards Anwar Ibrahim to give them the original uncut version of “Lingam Tape”, it show that the whole “ACA investigation” is nothing but a soap opera (AKA Malaysia call it sandiwara).

Actually, any VCD/DVD peddler can tell you that, when come to non-cinema 100% from the version, a digital duplicate is EXACTLY the same as the original.

IMHO, what ACA play are pure sandiwara. What really boggle them are the authentication of the person inside the tape. Modern technology are way beyond imagination : image and voice matching can give 99.99% (well scientist will always conservative) assurance the person in the phone are not 1 out of 6 billions person on this world that share the same character as dear Lingam himself.

Beside the technology factor, there is reason that ACA must act dumb to dodge hidden bullet : you never know whether somebody WITHIN the ruling party is using the tape as sneak attack. This November 26, Abdullah Badawi will celebrate his 68 years old birthday. Whereas, his “second man” just 55 years old. (Surprisingly, the current Malaysia Agong, the constitutions monarch King of Malaysia are just 45 years old, much younger than both umno leader)

RPK assume that Malaysia PDRM has destroy DP Vijenderan porno videotapes, but I dare to counter. In history, no leader are willing to destroy solid evident of their corruption subordinate, in fact, it is blade to incapacitate those who refuse to comply.

Since ACA are political appointed and political driven, the department must be well versed in political strife. It is a political suicide (not professional suicide) if you know about “how” but don’t know about “who”. When ACA pushing Anwar to reveal the informant, their desperate has cross the political line.

Actually there is no real legality stand ground for ACA to pursue except the government trying to make it sound. A jurisdiction corruption is way too heavy that the small yelping dog like ACA can handle. It is like getting a proton car engineer to figure out the problem of F16 fighter engine.

So how it all this come with the E-factor?

Don’t you think the whole episode handle by Pak Lah are Entertaining, Entangling and E-diocrisy . 😉


One Response to “The E-factor of Lingam tape”

  1. Maverick SM

    Entertaining, Entangling and E-diocrisy; I totally AGREE!

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