Should people mourn on death of PDRM officer when they challenge the gene pool?

Posted On 28/10/2007

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Darwin Awards

Perhaps someday, Malaysian should suggest Drawin Awards to give a prize to Malaysia PDRM officer that dies on duty because they fail to follow the code of conduct.

For every job, there is a always a code a conduct of safety, even for white collar worker. Yes, white collar does stupid things sometimes, otherwise, you won’t get the case of people getting electrocuted, injured in workspace.

Alas, it seems Bahaya (Malay : hazardous, danger ) is no in the dictionary of Malaysia police force PDRM. And a clear example are the road block. Always, you see PDRM traffics police setting road block on a place that they can caught people wrong doing, but unsafe. A funny theory of “to caught people doing dangerous act, set the block on the most dangerous turn”. Bravo, it is such mindset that we heard that PDRM officer nearly get hit by cars/bikes/lorries on those dangerous spot. It seems technology are EXPENSIVE for PDRM (huh), they rather use man shield to do the work. Perhaps MCA human resource minister FCO forget to remind PDRM about safety procedure ?

Recently, the failure of code of conduct just elevate to a new level. As you can see the case here and here. It make me wonder what food has the PDRM feed their officer, that they suffer amnesia that put the public and their own life in danger. Perhaps PDRM corruption goes so deep that, officer think they are invincible? A proper procedure and code of conduct are mean to cover the PDRM ass, both in legality and safety. If you get killed because not following the procedure, it is not heroic but stupidity.

But thanks to “Malaysia boleh” spirit, I will not be surprised that PDRM officer qualify themselves as Darwin awards prize receiver.


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