The PM should stop talking banana if he know little about real business

Posted On 28/10/2007

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It is a bad habit inheritance from Mahathir . It seems in this country call Bolehland, all the minister want to become teacher for all people.

From a recent publicity, Malaysia prime minister AAB trying to spit out his wisdom on business using goreng pisang(stir fried banana) as example .

“When one person sells fried bananas, many others follow suit.

“When this kind of situation happens, eventually supply exceeds demand, causing prices to drop,” he said.

There is a thin line between a wise man and a wise guy. Even economy gurus don’t dare to speak this basic 101 economy, because it can be easily backfire “chicken and egg” situation.

A policies maker should NEVER talk about fried banana business other than setting policies to help the business. I am not a economy expert, but should I given a chance to draw the policies, I can sort out lots of things to help the fried banana business.

  • Monitor and check the material price of of banana, e.g. flour, oil, banana
  • Make sure there is a constant supplies of banana(so the fried banana business can continue)
  • Increase the efficiency and health factor of fried banana
  • Look into possibilities of expand variety of process banana, e.g. banana paste, banana biscuit, banana cakes, pickles banana
  • Setup body to help expand business such as “instant fried banana”, microwave fried banana that make fried banana exportable
  • Setup body to help stabilise the prize of banana with various food manufacturing means

If I want to monopoly the fried banana business, I will not take the path of early Proton monopoly using concession and AP rent seeking method. I will work around with quality, quantities, cost control and marketing,and that is basic business 101.


One Response to “The PM should stop talking banana if he know little about real business”

  1. Jason

    Well, he’s the man. He can be anyone he wants.

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