Oct 30 : When authority become mobs

Posted On 31/10/2007

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Before enter the month of November, Bolehland police forces has make another stunt on lawlessness reigns. Beside the madness claim by Tony Pua, the picture are much uglier if you haven’t read the shocking letter from HINDRAF to the PM .

Exceprt —

At 4.15p.m the police, MPSA authorities and the others launched a brutal attack ala the military regime of Myanmar by hurling stones and beating devotees with sticks and batons. At least 20 devotees were injured and bleeding, some seriously injured. An MPSA enforcement officer even stabbed a devotee with a knife and he and at least three (3) others are now hospitalised. The temple is now completely demolished and deities smashed up. The police have told devotees that they have a shooting order to shoot (unarmed) devotees on sight.

Together with the Batu Buruk Incidents , there is nothing to hide here.

If what HINDRAF claims are true, there will be yet another Malaysia authority crisis : authority that turn mobs, practice gangsterism themselves. . Provocation or not, under Malaysia law, so called “MPSA enforcement officer” and any Joe public are not suppose to carry ANY weapon in a public events. I don’t see how the self-defense episode should come out : what the heck a person carried a knife, and worst, he IS NOT EVEN part of the police forces! Who grants him the right wield the weapon and go play the “mob enforcement” ?


One Response to “Oct 30 : When authority become mobs”

  1. ylchong

    Hi caffien Hi? Can I have my tehtarik hear instead?
    Is it time/dime for “V”? Nov 5 is pretty nigh!:)
    Cheers,mGf, how’s my eBoi kambing?
    You get 30% cut from my 20mil!– Desi

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