When hundred year doesn’t matter, then what make up Malaysia?

Posted On 04/11/2007

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The first temple in Batu Caves are believe to be established on 1891. Today, quarry are found NEXT to Batu Caves, but there is little concern from the country to preserve the surrounding area to make Batu Caves sustainable for the next 100 years.

When the brutal incidents of more than 100 years old temple being torn down by Malaysia local government, under the Shah Alam municipal warlords instruction, I am not shocked at all. KTemoc has wrote a details analysis about the whole brutality involve . Yes, it is much towards brutalities, because it is an attack on the people, the country juridical system, the country history.

It is a shock that MPSA (Municipal councils of Shah Alam) brutality besides deem illegal, the infamous PDRM and FRU assist them to carry out the whole illegal practice.

Yes, some people might argue that the law granted them the rights to carry out the “duty”, but what I see is TOO MANY ABUSE of power from EVERY angel from the authority. Should Malaysia juridical system is follow the right track tomorrow, perhaps many “people in power”, whether from MPSA, PDRM,FRU, state government, will be charged and jailed.

2500 years ago in a Yangtze river kingdom. When the King uncle learn the King using a pair of ivory chopstick, he sense the disaster from the lavishness : You can’t use stone bowl with the ivory chopstick, thus, jade bowl is needed. With the jade bowl, he won’t take the typical foods. And staying in a small house will not satisfied him, the cotton cloth will be replaced by silk. Sensing the dangers, the King uncle know he can’t fix the system and run away.

Now, can Malaysian fix the system instead of run away?


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