How many times more Malaysia going to pay for Soyuz spacecraft?

Posted On 06/11/2007

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When I hear this news, the first question raise on my head are the Malaysia-boleh-jack-up margin deal.

Not much information was reveal that the
Soyuz TMA11, like many of the Soyuz spacecraft, are not build for relaunch. Once the spacecraft grounded, it will be stay on ground. The chance of refurbished(including works to rectify possible failure) the spacecraft are more costly than getting building a new Soyuz.

Using google, I noticed that Russian Space Agency Roscosmos will sell the complete set of Soyuz suite for NASA US$ 65 billions , this include Soyuz spacecraft, a carrier rocket and launch services. And this is a workable module that you can study the Russia technology and even launch it.

I am not surprise if Malaysia might make a multiple 100% jack up on the grounded Soyuz TMA11 that make the workable model looks like deep discount. Better still, Malaysia don’t have any specialist to study or even maintain that piece of metal.

Taking example of national car project, one can foreseen that Malaysia will achieve NOTHING after acquire the spacecraft, beside with few billions US$ dollars shorts in the national coffers.


2 Responses to “How many times more Malaysia going to pay for Soyuz spacecraft?”

  1. Wuching

    put in museum to show off lor

    moo_t : Doc just say it, a piece of freaking expensive steels.

  2. Maverick SM

    That’s RM200 million!

    Why do we need to buy a rocket? It’s a display unit only. What good will it do for the citizens?

    The nation is full of suckers!!!!

    many Kampung is still without electricity and water, and also other necessities such as poorly equip schools and libraries. yet, the govt is considering spending RM200 million on a piece of steel…

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