BERSIH march : The shoddy Dataran Merderka field might collapse if 100,000 people step on it

Posted On 09/11/2007

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For those who has no idea what Dataran Merdeka, this is a stunt that one shouldn’t try. In fact, the whole Dataran Merdeka field are actually stand on top of a underground shop + car park.

It is excavate to “rebuild” under Dr Mahathir administration to put a car park and shops underground. The idea is intriguing, because the field hide the underground from everyone eye. Nobody know the entrance of unless spotted the conceal staircase to the underground. In my opinion, it is yet another attempt of Mahathir administration “modernise/renew” (AKA history wiping) project, well, symbolic remove all the soil from the original Dataran Merdeka with something artificial. (well , this is my speculation, if you want to confirm it, you may ask puanMarina Mahathir.)

Due recurrence flood, the underground Dataran Merdeka actually another ghost town. Only those who desperate will try their luck put their car there. Due to the country “standard habits”, nobody know whether PWD(Public Works Department) inspect the structure from time to time. In year 2003, a flood submerge all and destroy the shop underground. (Perhaps this inspire Malaysia government to build the pricey SMART . )

Even during National day parade, there always fewer than 10,000 people occupied the Merdeka square field(AKA the roof top). When 10,000 people stand on the field of Dataran Merderka, it make me worry. Any number exceed 30,000, Good luck!

Some bloggers receive information from little bird that no fewer than 4000 police + FRU and 2000 RELA are put on the field on D-day. Unknown numbers of plain coat and “helpers”(AKA instigator) will also be planted. I don’t know this will help “controlled” the situation. But with such massive numbers of uniform and plain coat, you can bet that D-day is the best time for prime time crimes.


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