50 years ago, people say they are stupid

Posted On 10/11/2007

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And guess who are those that claim stupid by people? This people even call “instigator” by the British people. At first, the British say the people are IMMATURE, and they can’t decide their fates. British try to shut the people with police power, bribery, etc.
When visionary around the Penisular Malaya make up their mind to drop some of the different between them to gain independent, MAJORITY under the British ruling, don’t believe Independent just next to their door step.

And nobody believe, 6 years later, the State of Sabah,Sarawak and Singapore Island also join the Penisular Malaya and form Malaysia we know today.

Alas, good time end sooner than we though. It doesn’t take long when human corruption natures take over. Today, we learn that hyena will take the sheep skin to cover their crime, exploit the victimize agenda to take advantage of others. And this come with a name of “patriotism”, “unity”.

The true terror of Nazism is NEVER appear in Malaysia text book, as it is a necessary cover up, as hell will never come to us. Except few, Malaysian take little concern about the destruction power of absolute power corruption that make cultural revolution , yet another destruction course from nationalism.

After 50 years, this land rampant by corruptions. The protector can turn violent anytime. While people holding the scale of justice turn black to white, white to black. And the policies are no longer for the people, but a wealth gathering machinery for a few.

After 50 years, live still freeze on 1969 NEP. When the world economy transit from agriculture to information base, the land still think the same formula will works FOREVER. Thus, those who hold the power hypnotize themselves and people around them, the pills that cure the disease 50 years ago, will continue to works.

Today, we heard the same tune. Not from the British master, but from the ruling government. However, the democracy system that grants the country independent are no longer exist today. The rule of democracy games are so twisted, it make Malaysia the real life thesis of Animal farms. Again, few Malaysian know little about the book.

Can Malaysian turn a new chapter in the history, can Malaysian live with a free mind that still in the wild after 50 years? We will see.


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