Nov 10 success BERSIH campaign : Illustration of distributed computing at works?

Posted On 11/11/2007

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author: C.Martinez, created and marked Created Commons and posted in and other public web sites, can copy and use it.
p/s: Yes, it is just coincident that those little small fishes are yellow and the shark is blue.

1992, the world computing juggernaut IBM has report a huge US$5 billions losses (with a 5% inflation rate, it is equal to US$10 billions in 2007). It is a results of big blue ignorant of the competition(from small computing world), bureaucratic mindset and refusal of adaption. Although big blue(IBM) mainframe – centralise computing secure the company billions dollars of maintenance revenue from proprietary architecture, but the business worlds are getting tired of expensive, slow to evolve mainframe computing. Whether establish or new startup, the business world that harness the computing power has move out the computing power controlled by vendor such as IBM back to their hand, by employing smaller mini-computer and towards Client Server environment. The business world see they don’t need put all the eggs on one big expensive box, and controlled by the price games from the big blue. The jargon : “You’ll never get fired for recommending IBM” become history, when IBM cut 25,000 work forces worldwide in 1993.

Today, IBM has retreat from monopoly computing business. Due to IBM scatters technology frameworks, they are now endorsing the open strategy.

And how does all this have to do with the Nov 10 BERSIH campaign? From the picture that painted from JeffOoi blog, there is a huge similarities on the Small Fishes vs Big blue and BERSIH vs BN government.

Some people might argue the campaign organiser are using guerilla warfare than distributed works. Alas, in the information age, this is more than simple guerilla warfare but distributed works. As in distributed computing episode, a inter-connected small business computer server, there is way to join two of more computer servers together and form a powerful alliance, in a mass magnitude Grid computing.
Image courtesy of Malaysiakini archive
As from the BERSIH campaign, few “distributed point” are given. Although the Istana Negara (National Palace) are the “final destination”, the distributed point will ensure the message is broadcast all over. In fact, Any distributed “node” may join into the main trunk march in different time frame, and message actually are NOT limited to one place, because even the “final node” can choose to take the message using different “route”, instead of stationary at one place.

Unfortunately, it seems BNumno government refuse to take history lesson. Instead, they are taking the same step that has been used by Big Blue IBM many years ago, to send out FUD(Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) to foil the plan (as to small distributed computing), however, the real world experience tell us that the big-one must find way to cooperate with the “smaller fish”, otherwise, resistance is futile!

If the government failed to transit to open way of what Big Blue IBM are taken, bankruptcy are matter of time. And Joe public still believe a “big central government” that are corrupted within can run the country properly(all Malaysia local government and municipal councils has show different level of dysfunctional and corruption), the wheel of history will crash over them.


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