Dear Malaysia PM, think of Tunku Abdul Rahman before open your mouth!

Posted On 12/11/2007

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Ini Di Luar Budaya Kita (This Is Outside Our Culture)

Demonstrasi Selalu Berakhir Dengan Keganasan (Demonstrations Always End With Violence)

— Malaysia Prime Minister – Abdullah Badawi

It is funny that Malaysia national day, 31st August just pass 2 months ago. During the day, the PM reap all the opportunity for PR parties using all the pass away name.

In less than 100 days, all the history recall on struggles of independent : protest, boycott, demonstration, various civil disobedient call, suddenly become outside our culture.

All in sudden, all the hard effort and struggle for Malaysia independent become cheap from the mouth of the current Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is funny that NONE of the mainstream media editor notice the disastrous sentences coming from the Prime Minister mouth.

Now let see whehter Kerismuddin will REWRITE Malaysia school history book, put “Ini di luar budaya kita” and wipe off all the trace of Malaysia independent struggles.
Perhaps it is SCOMI that pay British government to grants Malaya independent 50 years ago?


3 Responses to “Dear Malaysia PM, think of Tunku Abdul Rahman before open your mouth!”

  1. Rauff

    Hmmm…good point. It makes a lot of sense. Pak lah does obviously does not remember. He was sleeping half the time.

  2. Dorjee

    I can’t agree more!

    as Tun said Half past six government!

  3. anthraxxxx

    Ini bukan budaya kita.

    He seems to forget how UMNO protested against the Malayan Union proposal. Wonder which budaya he’s talking about.

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