It is practical for Bolehland to build sport center in Kundasang than in UK!

Posted On 15/11/2007

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What a relief, it seems Malaysia tax payer owe a favor to the people in Brickendonbury,UK .

When Malaysia umno politikus brought out the idea, it pissed many people off, especially people in Brickendonbury : imagine an ugly sport center (what do you expect when Malaysia graft took place) erect in the mid of the quiet and content township? Worst, though the land are donated British land, that doesn’t mean you can fools around with the real-estate.

As a Malaysian, besides the hundreds millions plan to siphoned money out of the country, what make me more angry are the umno politickus ignorant over Malaysia landscape. Although called themselves bumiputra, these m*ther f*cker has little idea about Malaysia landscape. I think years of power and money corruption make them blind.

Kundasang, Sabah is located ~1500m above sea level. The temperature is around 18-24 degree Celsius. Unless Malaysia are going to put join Winter Olympics , there is no reason why Kundasang temperature are not adequate.

Even better, locate just below Aki Kinabalu (Mountain Kinabalu , the freezing wind on top of Raban rata (3200 meters above sea level) is enough to motivate anyone who don’t refuse to move. Even tourist from the cold weather country dare not to challenge Mountain Kinabalu chilling wind and weather.

I bet most of West Malaysia politikus are NEVER set foot in Kundasang. And why the Sabah chief minister refuse to promote the highland valley? Well, it is obvious, all crowd are black. (if anyone still remember the environment disaster of a sinking barge in Sabah.)


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