RM4.5 millions plunge into nowhere

Posted On 15/11/2007

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Desi will be unhappy. 1/5 of the 20mils AP he seek just vanish beneath the eye, in Tasik Banding in Gerik, Perak.

And Mr Semi give a “sur-Price” shock, say the the Malaysia MSM (MainStream Media, though moo_t alway call them Multilevel-Sicko-Media).

No, I don’t think the history channel are interested on such “disaster”, as it hardly qualify huh-hah than the Sampoong Department Store collapse in Korea : corruptions, lots of it.

From the photo, the building is erect under just next to a hill. To make things “EASY” , the hill is cut – clearly seen from the photo. And God knows where those lumber is going.

Too bad, the paper failed to give more hint about the coordinate. But hey, some good samaritan Malaysian has label it inside google map 🙂 . Just go to Google map and key in “Tasik banding,Perak,Malaysia”. Switch it to satelite map and you will see an awesome landscape.

Yes, it doesn’t look natural and anyone with a Malaysia geography sense will say, WTF, isn’t this is same place where the Tasik Temenggor located?


One Response to “RM4.5 millions plunge into nowhere”

  1. ylchong

    Hey moo_t, i am now banking my hopes OVERsee! AUD, USD, sin-$ also cun! Worst come to worse, rupiahs nah mind — Despelate Desi:( (Your 30% inrupiahs, wanna?:)

    moo_t : Too bad, I have luck on any $$ I touch. Maybe Desi should try golds, something that moo_t haven’t touch.

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