Instant photography lesson : Malaysia dolly zoom stunt

Posted On 20/11/2007

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You won’t see this everyday.

Jeffooi just show some interesting stunt from Malaysia gahmen paying with camera tricks : zoom perspective, more accurately, the Dolly Zoom . (I am too lazy to create dolly zoom sample effect, click the wikipedia link to check out the example photo about dolly zoom)

Honestly, anyone want to produce evident should never try a camera zoom stunt. Even without Google Map satellite image, it is not difficult for ANY country to acquire an aerial or satellite image. Now Sai-Harmid (Pronounce in Hokkien) are putting Malaysia on shame for this stupid stunts.

Yes, when you see a HUGE moon against building in some photo, they are using the same Dolly effect. It is a tricks that photographer play before computer photo editing become norms.

Where the hack is this Island?

Image create by wikipedia contributor, Duja. Using NASA WorldWind.

Honestly, I feel Malaysia land are no bigger than Singapore. Just look at the size of the Island, it is a small piece of land. Since Malaysia are 30-40 times the size Singapore, it is pathetic to hold this land. And no information reveal that the Island sit on top on any oil reserved. It is like a richman struggles with a poor man over 1 cent coins. The bad news is, my point of view of “Big and matured Malaysian” will NEVER agreed by the pathetic “low-self-esteem umno government” that bring the whole things into dispute.

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    Can give you golden goblet of tehtarik, drink tfe tea but return the gobleeeeee!:)

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