Khazanah halt Proton Tie-Up Talks With VW : Is it business driven or political drive?

Posted On 20/11/2007

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Honestly, nothing can surprise a Malaysian urban people, unless one are rural folks that only read and listen to mainstream media propaganda.

So when the news of Khazanah Stops Proton Tie-Up Talks With VW, GM, I am not surprised at all.

In Malaysia, anything that directly tied with the government are all political driven. Only in rare cases, real business take over. This is a habit inherit from Mahathir era, which refuse to die off.

The reason of call off are post no surprise, since it is highly political driven, so any reason (no matter how stupid it is) can be due valid from the eye of politickus, and don’t forget the media can echo to give whatever spin to beautify the subject.

No surprise
One sentence : Follow the Money. I mean political wise. Because there is so many parties of interest inside proton, involve tens to hundred millions of concession, there is no surprise. It doesn’t matter that Proton are behind all the worlds motor vehicles in supply chain management(SCM). Besides technology, SCM will determine the success and failure of motor industry. It is a micro-macro management that Proton has failed to grasp for 20 years, thanks to its crony and highly political driven system.

Some people claim that it is due to Proton employment, it just show that most people don’t understand how the business run. It is not in the VW or GM best interest to do the “cost cutting”, since Malaysia worker ARE NOT HIGHLY PAY anyway, except those political connected none performing manager and executive.

With so many political warlord inside Proton and not political wills to change the corruption system, the talk is deems fatal in day one.

Is this bad for VW and GM for wasting the time? I don’t think so. Because business is about seeking all possible opportunities, even the chances are thin. I think they have done the Malaysia political research and doesn’t put the talk as priority. If the deal go through, it is a bonus, otherwise, the world still move.

Unless Proton come out with a standout plan, e.g. make energy conservation vehicles, make the new car NGV ready, seeking a way to reduce the cost,etc, otherwise, it will continue to bleed with Malaysian tax money.

For Malaysian, this show that the government REFUSE to change. A policies will decide the future. A bad policies will create a dim futures.

So if Malaysian continue to make the mistake of assess the present, they can blame nobody except themselves when the cold water they swim inside boiled.


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