Malaysia Boleh : License without trust?

Posted On 20/11/2007

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Too lazy to read news, so borrow(again) some view from Doc Mave. Now it is about licensing.

Yet another Malaysia Bolehland stunt. The government “take back” the WiMAX license issue to those “incompetent” licensee.

Everyone know Malaysia government, Ministry of Energy, Water & Communication(I call it WTF minister) giving out the WiMAX license base on poli-tics, instead of viability. Now they “take back” the WiMAX license because those rent-seeking company unable to find a investor to park their “license”.

As usual, Malaysia mainstream media have no balls to point out the dire consequences. A consequences that will tarnish the ever dwindling image of Malaysia government on business and policies trustworthy : you can’t simple “take back” the license, the investor will question Malaysia government reliability and trustworthiness on business.

In fact, should the ministry PUNISH the licensee for the non-delivery, eventually force them to close down is better than revoking the license. It should be a do or die commitment showcase.
Granting the license to rent-seeker are bad moved. But revoking the rent-seeker license instead of punish them is worst move.

Now JeffOoi should now why Malaysia government are not responsive to SMS scam, the system is falling apart by days.

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