Malaysia Tabula Rasa – the sticky logos business

Posted On 20/11/2007

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Tabula Rasa is a latin work, it means scraped tablet or clean slate. No, it is not sanskrits.

All this is about Bolehland Road Transport Department playing up the issue o graft and corruption happens on car sticker logos.

The logos include symbols and words such as: “Transnet”, “Bob”, “Dotuk”, “TNS” and “SYT” which apparently enable “tontos” and “RTD Tornados” to identify lorries under their “protection”.

Honestly, it is open secret that some “VIP” and “VVIP” in the country are using various sticker to indicates their “traffic law immunity” status.

Few country are hesitate to implement such “logos” ruling, as it will create corruption and confusion. Well, it doesn’t take long for country like Malaysia to play around the “logos” corruptions. I am not surprised when the RTD “reveal” it.

After all, a privilege system are prone to corruption. Making a car sticker logos as a “untouchable” scraped tablet merely mean the country are running a caste law among the citizen. As long as privilege, corruption will NEVER die.


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