Malaysia muslim parliament member demonise convent school

Posted On 23/11/2007

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Blogger just notice some bigot parliament member say the darnest thing : Morons of Parliament: Demolish Christian Statues, Destroy the Crosses.

I am from one of those convent school in PJ , Catholic High school. Besides the name of the school, even the early day headmaster, a Brother and a qualified headmaster, NEVER talk about religious in any school events. To them, school business is school business. And making the early day Cataholic High all boys school to school for all gender are also under the Brother administration. And the school anthem are surprisingly neutral, without a single word touching religion.

So evidently, in the early day, all Malaysia convent school headmaster, separate education out of the religion. Besides the symbolic historical cross, you cannot see a trace of religion teaching in school.

However, those two parliament member are pariah trying to fabricate facts to demonise convent school. They can’t produce any solid facts and record to prove their point. With UMNO putra rampant around the country, any convent school playing the religions preaching, can never escape to become HEADLINE of all Malaysia mainstream news media, and the propaganda NST and Utusan can’t miss it.

It is not difficult to guess the intention of these fucker parliah parliament member intention : to gain publicity and show the stupidity in order to get a minister post. (yes, in my opinion, all Malaysia cabinet mister are leech and sucker).

In Kelantan, even the PAS state government never complain about the convent school crescent cross. When people say UMNO muslim are more “lenient” than PAS, it just show how this people are fools from the mainstream media. In fact, a UMNO


One Response to “Malaysia muslim parliament member demonise convent school”

  1. aisyah shahirah

    i am schooling at convent im still eleven.and i just wanna ask .do you mean that convent school is not for me the cross sign doesnt meant anything .

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