The stupid idea of causing KL-PJ traffics jam to deter Hindraf protest

Posted On 23/11/2007

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It start today. Malaysia government decide to use “no so bright” tactics to create massive congestion over all route to Kuala Lumpur. In conjunction, use the media to demonise and put the blame on Sunday 25, November, 2007 protest.

I almost laughing out laugh when I learn this from the radio – when the DJ mentioned the police will continue “create road block” until Sunday. The reason are obvious : PDRM image has tarnished their image long time ago. This whole game just put more people aware of the Hindraf protest.

Add to the police action, are the MIC-key factor. It is an open secret in Malaysia, MIC-key leader, Semi Value , are leader of all indian triads gang. Since Hindraf protest are a smack to MIC-key face, so there is high possibilities MIC-key will mobilise their gang force over the Hundraf rush protest (as compare to well plan BERSIH rally). Don’t be surprise that instigator from MIC-key gang provide “assistant”, bringing dangerous weapon to spark a strife to allow the police to “act”.

I will not hold my breath should the Sunday Hindraf protest took an “interesting” turn.


2 Responses to “The stupid idea of causing KL-PJ traffics jam to deter Hindraf protest”

  1. jerk off

    samy vellu is a mother fucker and why isnt he (context sniped by site moderator) yet.

  2. Liam Chee Keong

    These stupid polis. They are only good getting bribes from Massagr parlour and SPA centers. I am a frequent customer who goes for massage regularly and sometimes the massage parlours in cheras and pudu got raided when i am sitting there. I got some opportunity to video tape the polis taking some bribes during the massage parlour raids and will be posting it on the web soon. Those who wants to download the video clips and photos – pls call me directly at 012-3691850

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