Are Bolehland government “paying gratitute” to Semi Value to crack down Hindraf protest?

Posted On 25/11/2007

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Honestly, I don’t pay a damn to Hindraf protest. Unlike the BERSIH rally, in my opinions, Hindraf plot to portrait hindu society as “victim” under the government policies are no better than UMNO plays on NEP.

However, the violent and white terrorism crack down on Sunday from Bolehland government are just too much. From the whole incidents, we saw a clear double standard when the government and its propaganda media claims on Hindraf “seditions” called. On the other hand, UM-Nor sedition speech on “bathing other races bloor”, “thou should not challenge the rights” are never attend by the police.

Nevertheless, Hindraf achieve their objective, thanks to the crack down. Now they earn more publicity than they deserve : because that’s what attract the International media. Should the rally end peacefully, nobody will recall it in matters of days. But when something happens, well, there will be a story to write.


One Response to “Are Bolehland government “paying gratitute” to Semi Value to crack down Hindraf protest?”

  1. ylchong

    mGf: Double standards, right–Hisham the sham learntit from his cousin, DPM, wavng the keris, and Khairy J thinks he’s God’s gift to the Malays just becos he married the PM’s daughter. Don’t worry — what goes around comes around. The inevitable law of Nature/Physics–Newton’s first law, remember: To every action,…

    Come o’er to Furong, we drink only tehtraik, peAce; okay, toddy and rut bir also alouD! Come placidly amid the noise and the haste…

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