Iberian pork business more valuable than BN pork barrels

Posted On 27/11/2007

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Guess how much is a piece of premium ham cost? You will never guess the price right until people told you about Iberian ham, Jamón López Ortega.

If Malaysia current prime minister AAB take his time visiting Spain (vs Australia or Egypt), he will know the price. Perhaps he will stop his UMNO-doggies fooling around with the pig farming business.

According to this articles, 1 KG of Iberian ham can bought half of a cattle that weight 100KG.

In Spain, one kilogramme (2.2 pounds) of the sliced Iberian ham costs 200 euros (292 dollars), while in Japan it goes for 400 euros.

With the exchange rate of 1 Euro for 5 ringgits, this is a whopping RM1,000 for 1 KG of meat.

A slaughter cattle in Malaysia normally weight around 1,000 pounds or 454KG, fetching around RM5,000 or RM11 per KG. 1 KG of Iberian ham economy value are 9,000% better than a cattle.

Nevertheless, the Iberian hams business does not come as simple as Malaysia government cronies pork barrels business. It is a effort of quality controls, traditional hard works, R&D and technology application. Without those effort, Spain will not be able to sustain the US$2.4 billions(EU$ 1.2billions) ham export business. It is the super brand Iberian ham, Jamón López Ortega that help promote the country ham export business.

And in Malaysia, thanks to BN and UMNO religious-political malices, instead of assist the local piggy business to improve the country coffer, those jokers prefer to destroy the industry for good. With the ever increase China food price, Malaysia pork business are a billions dollars (not Ringgits) business.

Nevertheless, this will make MAS high cost (more than 90% running cost) billions ringgit business looks pathetic.


One Response to “Iberian pork business more valuable than BN pork barrels”

  1. Maverick SM

    There are many other nations that embrace Islam too but do not have those phobias and paranoias as our Islamic Muftis other than Perlis Mufti.

    Islam is made to be such as to isolate the Muslims from society and portrayed as holiest of the Holy. Even the Arabs can’t match our Islamic leaders in this aspect.

    The end losers are the masses who followed blindly in the name of faith.

    If God is real, He wouldn’t had wanted His creation to act like Angels, for He had created them as humans.

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