When TNB tariff rise, expect warmer shopping in Malaysia

Posted On 27/11/2007

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Still wonder how the Japanese manage to work on 82 degree Fahrenheit (27.8 Celsius ).

There is a call to “raise” the room temperature in Japan to cut the energy cost.

Unlike Malaysia average humidity of 80%, Japan humidity in Summer is around 62%-65%. Air conditioning in Malaysia are usually deal with humidity than the cooling itself.

So should TNB raise the electricity tariff, cutting the air-conditioner billing is the easier things to do for many company. Actually, all major shopping in Klang Valley has sneakily do it to raise the temperature to 26C or even 27C, compare to the old day 24C .

Thanks to the short-sighted Malaysia government policies, few building in Malaysia are build with energy saving in mind. So even a small rise of electricity bills will trigger a hikes on building maintenance cost.

In fact, most air-conditioner in Malaysia are using the method for low humidity country. Ironically, although most scientist know the relatively between humidity, little works is done by high humidity tropical country like Malaysia to increase the efficiency of the air-conditioner.

Perhaps when the oil going US$110 per barrels, it will become viable to R&D on “tropical model” air conditioning. Before the day come, perhaps Malaysia favorite “cooling” pass time visiting the shopping mall will come to an end.

Moo_t are a poor chap. Otherwise I will pour money to R&D energy saving building. With so many countries sit next to the tropical zone and high humidity condition, this will be big business in near future.


One Response to “When TNB tariff rise, expect warmer shopping in Malaysia”

  1. Maverick SM

    Even if the oil price gets to $200/barrel, I bet you won’t see any of our government’s concern. Malaysia is a net beneficiary of high crude oil price. The behemoth gain by Petronas will help pay for the lootings and bailouts. The ultimate net gainers are the ministers and the 4th floor oligarchy.

    moo_t : Back in 80’s, when I read about the news of communist country food rationing, black market US dollars and black market food, high food inflation cost, I though it will never happens in Malaysia. I afraid fuel tariff hikes will accelerate course to those “great nations” status.

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