SMS about UMN* don’t need non-Malays votes spread around

Posted On 29/11/2007

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When the news about Kerismuddin broke off word and say his party don’t need non-Malay vote to win Bolehland general election, I don’t give it a hitch. IMHO, all UMN* bigot minister, although fooling around to make themselves tribal-heroes, are yet to cross the thin red line.

However, when I receive the SMS, I realise it will be something big that will not cool down as fast as the Dora Goh Wei Wei kidnap case. Like chain mail, the SMS can chain indefinitely from person to person, so even the big MaChAi transport minister, CKC (AKA PKFZ 4.6 billions bail out bearer) call it a haox, it will not die off as easy.

However, I expect UMN* will send his PD*M doggie to dig out some victims and charge them for sending the se-ductive () SMS .

In Mandarin, when people who bare the blame for things they did not do , the act are call “force the dead cat into one throat” (Cantonese Sek-sei-Mou).

Since the Bolehland government has play the upper hand demonise the BERSIH rally and HINDRAF protest by stuffing lies to on mainstream media. Perhaps this is a right time for them to swallow the bitter pills of fooling around with mainstream media spinning act. People prefer the rumor than politikus minister clarification.


2 Responses to “SMS about UMN* don’t need non-Malays votes spread around”

  1. Maverick SM

    I firmly believed Hishamuddin wouldn’t say such things. If the sms said it’s Badruddin or Kinabatangan guy, I could assumed it, but not Hishamuddin, for it would be utterly foolish for a potential future PM to say such words. However, the statement is a fact of life, a reality, for I believe that is the essence of our political scenario.

    moo_t : Doc, I will not hold my breath. If you remember the early day most people give the name of “Mr clean” towards the Mr nice guys. Perhaps the rumor mills are speaking truth.

  2. ylchong

    If Hisham te “sham” couldimitate is cousin waving the keris, the “sms” could reflect reality more than this Edu Minister not having done it.In his heart of hearts, “painting”something black like the keris into a cultural symbol that is white — it’s like that junior Azzzez caught wit’ his pants down at a SJ Karao(semua)OK lounge making saints of Mat Rempit.

    I dunno whether to laff or cly!:(

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