In Bolehland, army “accidents” are just awaiting disaster

Posted On 03/12/2007

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If you watch National Geography documentary about various disaster investigation, you will hear a common conclusion :

It is a series of small mistake that chain together that lead to disaster. Breaking a chains will prevent it from happening.

In Bolehland, army force are the most corrupted and most mismanage compare to other country. The chain of obsolete equipment, unfit personnel, poor maintained equipment, poor management, failure to strengthen protocol, lead to annual military life losses events.

And in second day of December 2007, we saw some figures add to the army “practice” statistics : 3 paratroopers killed in Langakawi LIMA air show practice.

Supt Mohamad Ali said some of the soldiers were rescued by fishermen who were fishing in the area while the police and other rescue agencies, including the army, launched a search and rescue operation when they realised that some of the soldiers had landed in the water.

Siti Hajar drowned while Duncan and Nurul Wahida died at the Langkawi Hospital. It is learnt that the three dead paratroopers were entangled by their parachute cords.

Luckily, the dive master notice the danger

A source told The Star that the army dive master stopped 22 other paratroopers from jumping after they realised that the situation was unsafe.

And guess what is the formula of the disaster

Royal Malaysian Air Force public relations officer Mej Zulkiflee Abdul Latiff said the accident occurred due to uncertain wind conditions.

He said the paratroopers were part of 138 men and women who were involved in the mock exercise.

Uncertain wind conditions? This is great, is there mean RMAF doesn’t assess all disaster conditions when carried out any practice? Any parachute practice are a matter of life or death than a joyride to the park. And Parachute accidents is a big topic in parachuting.

It is silly to put 138 paratrooper for the LIMA air show. Because the safety clearing are so limited. And taking the mother nature as granted is the most stupid things to do.

It is sad that this personnel are death not because of some peacekeeping course, but because some minister want to have some glamorous (and yet stupid) show on LIMA opening. In addition, it exposed that Bolehland military never take weather as the primary condition for any deployment.

Sun Tzu has tough that the generals must assess all terrain conditions to ensure success missions.
(Perhaps Bolehland ignore Sun Tzu because he is a Chinese. 😉 )

Hopefully, this accidents will be the final death toll on Bolehland military in year 2007. And for 2008? Who knows, Bolehland military will never ceased to amaze people with some death toll news.


One Response to “In Bolehland, army “accidents” are just awaiting disaster”

  1. Maverick SM

    When a institution lacks control system which includes risks assessment and analysis, then disaster is a natural outcome.

    The sad fact is not the disaster itself; it’s the denial of duty of care.

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