Malaysia Boleh! This country runs like MMORG games 一人得道, 鸡犬升天

Well, Chinese has a adverb saying
When one gains the enlightenment, all his dog and chicken are enlightened too (Mandarin , Yi-Ren De-Dao, Ji-Qian-Shen-Tian 一人得道, 鸡犬升天)

In less than 365 days, the PM helper are given the post of chancellor of Open University Malaysia (OUM).

Oh, did somebody say Malaysia University rank are slip out of top 200, and almost touch the bottom of top 500? Now you know why.

Oh, not to forget, Chinese has make a satire about people “got promoted”. It is call, high officer ranking will be gift of knowledge – 官大学问大 (Mandarin PingYin : Guan-Da Xue-Wen-Da).

When playing the online multi-player computer games MMORPG , this is common the subordinate/companion/pet of the player get upgraded when the master gain higher rank. In order to give a matching “fighting power” to assist the player.

So don’t roll you eye, when the Prime minister pet goat will take charge of all vet in Bolehland. 😉

p/s: Ok, please don’t start the joke of “when one rank upgrade, his balls getting bigger”.

source : Vranak, wikipedia, MMORPG


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