Spawn out

Now a day, early retirement is a overrated words. It is funny that most country that in the mid of mess of old man politics, you never fail to see a government filled up with of 60 years old minister. In Bolehland, it is much better than that. Incumbents always say they are “indispensable”. Everyday, you can hear a new indispensable shits from them.

While come to public, it seems everybody are fond of get rich quick. And for non-Malays in Malaysia, the early retirement is only mean one things : get enough money and upgrade personel profile ASAP, to make a immigration to hop to country like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK,etc.

Shocking? You will start worry when Malay in Malaysia also think about that. In recent statistics, there is a 36,000 Malaysian emigrate, 10,000+ are Chinese and 10,000+ are Malays.

Malaysia mainstream newspaper are never failed to question the “loyalty” of the “low population ratio” Chinese. Alas, anyone can manipulate the statistics using the ratio tricks. If you look at the 10,000 Malays figures, you know something is gravely wrong there.

This is rather strange when UMNO and most Malays are so fond of NEP to “fix all Malays” status. On the other hand, 10,000+ Malays disagree with their leg, and drop Malaysia citizenship(since Malaysia don’t allow double citizenship) to seek a greener pasture.

And guess what, those are not normal rural Malays folks.

So why walk out when they will enjoyed so many “benefit” in Malaysia? Nobody can tell since the Malaysia only interested in funding feel goods statistics.


One Response to “Spawn out”

  1. Maverick SM

    That’s a great hypothesis and we should have the results empirically.

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