ISA = Dysfunctional coutry and disaster on the way

For a country with so many laws enact for the pass 50 years, almost everything is covered under the law.

When the government claims the “necessity” of ISA, it is a big bull shit that need tons of propaganda to continue the draconian law.

We never failed to see Malaysia government use ISA for many things, that deem not necessary, in order to strengthen ISA propaganda. For example, detaining of drug peddler, high profile “triads”, dealing with all sort of high profile crimes.

In fact, all “high profile crimes/issues” that Malaysia police claims are has a matching law to deal with it. So it is a open lies to enact ISA and claim there is no such law to deal with it. By using ISA to those law in place, it render Malaysia jurisdictional system useless.

Using ISA bypassing the juridical system, the government actually can do ANYTHING. The can detained people that telling the truth during dire situation. Worst, when a disaster strike, the government can choose to cover things, and neglect responsibilities to deal with the problem.

Instead of “stability” claims by government, the issues of global effect is rising. The recent floods in 3 states give clear sign of government negligence over drainage planning and shortsighted on global warming effect. With storms and typhoon frequency increase , it will exposed the country infrastructure weakness, and so call “establishment” are just a tickling time bomb lead to death trap; and “god acts” are merely man made events that strike when the conditions meet it critical failure points.

I can guarantee that, when multiple disaster strike, the government will enact ISA to shut up all the voices. It doesn’t matter when thousands of people soak in the water. Because by shut up the critics, it will give the government a short moment of safety, and the people that strike by disaster, can have their “freedom to suffer”.

Ready or not, if Malaysian still think they are safe and refuse to reform the government, the law of nature will drive its own sentence.


One Response to “ISA = Dysfunctional coutry and disaster on the way”

  1. Maverick SM

    Unfortunately, nothing can be done and the legislature is occupied by the oligarchy.

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