Things that Malaysian rarely get it right

Posted On 25/12/2007

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In KTEMOC What in God’s name .., he has pointed out a fatal error of smart alecks minister Johari when mentioned about Buddhism, perhaps most Malaysian, beside Christian and Muslim, even the Chinese didn’t get it right : Buddhism never claim or worship of God.

And many fundamentalist Christian and Muslim love to critique Buddhism worship of “figurine” or “Patung” (Malay word for figurine) , again, that is never appear in Buddhism teaching. In Buddhism, physical forms, naming, outlook A.K.A. Ming Xiang (名相) are something should be overcome. That’s why Buddhism never favor by India strong caste ruling system.

However, when Buddhism reach China, the philosophy of Chinese naturalism – Taoism from Zhuangzi and Laozi has pave the root.

When the founder of Zen school Bodhidharma spread teaching in China, it does not take long for Chinese to use the word Tao between Buddhism and Taoism philosophy.

Here is definition of Zen from uncyclopedia that are close to the teaching.

This is not Zen

This isn’t either

But this is.

And borrow a transcription of Heart Sutra translated by Gerhard Herzog

Disciple Sariputra! The material is not different from the immaterial. The immaterial and the material are in fact one and the same thing. The same applies to perception, concepts, discriminative thinking and consciousness. They are neither existing nor not existing.


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