Tony Pua should thanks NST

Posted On 26/12/2007

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First, I don’t speak for Tony Pua . But If I am him, I will say a big “THANK YOU” to NST for giving the rare and free publicity.

Yes, although some people to say it is a blow below the belt to Tony Pua

Well, as Malaysian, such pattern from mainstream media are common. Whenever a political appointed personnel parachute to a GLC, they all give them flying color on the first sight. If they perform, even using Gil Amelio infamous scorch earth tactics that temporary boost the profit, they will make a hoo-hah on it.

But when those political appointer manager failed in mid and long terms on all goals and keep bleeding the GLC like burst water pipe , media will choose to keep quiet, where all their own analysis start haunting them.

So to Tony Pua, the whole hitting below the belt issue are not a issue. Thanks to Malaysian bad memory, not many people will remember NST act, but rather attract more people pay attention to Tony Pua alternate budget. Because it doesn’t matter whether Tony Pua is a economist or not. As long as the budget give a win-win situation to the people, it will be a good budget.


One Response to “Tony Pua should thanks NST”

  1. Freethinker

    I don’t quite agree on the last bit. I doubt the whole attention would be put or encourage people to read Tony’s budget.

    There’s no strong basis or good assumption of Malaysian behavior that it will lead to them…

    For the layman, it might just reinforce the same perception on their initial response to either ” they believe media completely” or “skeptical of mainstream media”

    moo_t : Thanks for pointing out general perception over the media. I am too optimist that majority will take time to read the facts themselves, thank blindly read news. Typical Joe are lazy 😉

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