That freaking Buffalo linkstation live sleep problem

Posted On 30/12/2007

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It you happens to be owner the simple network storage Buffalo Linkstation Live, you will notice an undesired, hair pulling “phenomena”.

It seems that Buffalo Linkstation Live will automatically sleep / power off / shutdown itself. Do take note this model does not have a clear power save or sleep function. Rather, it have a function call LED power saving (WTF).

After few times calling the data center to power on the Buffalo linkstation live box (Imagine the frustration, it is a PRODUCTION box for me), I beginning to suspect it is something wrong with the setup of the box. Although with a good knowledge base, the Buffalo technical support site offer no help on the problem. Logging a ticket does not help either, it seems they are as clueless as me.

Although there is solution from the NAS hacking forum : Nas central , but patching the whole box with a new operating system are just too risky for me. Because it runs for production.

Browse through the documentation and check all the function one by one, and I learn that there is a startup and shutdown timer for LED power saving function.

Although the LED power saving function are disable, both shutdown and startup time are set at 0 hour (time scale from 0 to 23 hour). Hah, it doesn’t harm to “refresh” this setting, as I know sometimes developer tend to forget test the function to save software setting if no solid changes is done, the reason are obvious “if not changes, why save it? “.

So I enable the LED power saving, change the start timer to hour 2, shutdown timer to 1. Save it. After the save the changes, I disable the setting, save the setting and reboot the whole box. Voila, after 1 week, the Buffalo box run without a hick up, no more calling the data center to power up the box.

Lesson learned
Nothing much. But constraints (money constraint, because I can’t ask the management to buy another box, and it is my idea to buy it) does help me to crack out all this out. Base on experience ;). The problem really caught me off guard and force me to tune some of the process that I must deal when the little NAS box is not available.

It is lucky that the box show the symptoms that make me think about the situation if the box not available. If the production hit disaster without the box, it will hell break lose to me. And I can forget about the bonus (I want Nikon D3 and Lumix DMC-LX2 !!!!) .


2 Responses to “That freaking Buffalo linkstation live sleep problem”

  1. trey

    That is absolutely ridiculous, that must happen to .1 percent of all linkstation lives. I have over 12 at one location and another dozen scattered across other locations, not ONE of them have this problem.

  2. moo

    Beat me on it. Recently I notice the box is quite stable, no frequent reboot. Perhaps some other problem, or somebody actually trip the box power. 😦

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