It is a dog eat dog world : Welcome to world of MaChAi

ZhuangZi say

A man life spend are limited, but knowledge are unlimited. When man spend his limited life chasing the unlimited knowledge, they waste their life for nothing.

For moo_t

Political position are limited, but MaChAi want to take their share of profiteering are limitless. When one failed to look back, their political life will terminated by their colleague and their real Taiko (you know who ).

It is a dog eat dog world.

Actually, CSL are really cheapo politikus. He should know it is a CASE CLOSE when the hunting game held on Utusan.

Perhaps OKT , Soi Lek taiko should teach him the famous Buddhist proverb, “A governmental department is a good place to earn good karma“. Too bad, too late.



2 Responses to “It is a dog eat dog world : Welcome to world of MaChAi”

  1. ShadowFox

    I gotta admit, the old man has quite an impressive dragon. He must be a real stud when he was younger.

    moo_t : Can big KKC earn him good karma πŸ˜‰

  2. mob1900

    The general consensus among the ‘Silent Majority'(Chinese-side of the fence) is that he did a ‘reasonable’ good job. This is not my personal opinion as I still encounter unprofessional health care in Garmen hospitals. My friend was left bleeding profusely at ER for an hour and when he stop a nurse for help, “Sorri, encik, Bandage dah habis!” It’s Universiti Hospital at PJ,
    and let us not forget what he and his ministry did to Baby Yok Shan who has her arm amputated because of medical negligence and gets a crappy deal of a compensation, now all you MaChAi sympathisers please tell me if he did ‘reasonably well’ as MOH.

    And please Sorhai Lek, please don’t say we(the rakyat) are the ones who did not forgive you, it’s your own Party-enemies/colleagues doing this to you. Stop using the rakyat when you and your party had been shitting on the rakyat for so many years.

    Like Shadow Fox said, ‘Payback’s a Bitch’. πŸ˜‰

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