The guilt of Chua Soi Lek : Malaysian shoot the wrong thing again

Posted On 02/01/2008

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Guess what is “hot” in Malaysia newspaper headline today?

Well, none other than the Sex scandal DVD that involve Malaysia minister of Health, Chua Soi Lek(CSL) .

And radio even start a call-in section just to learn the Joe public reaction over the apology made by the Minister of health.

As usual, there short call-in program are mean to boost sales, nothing more. Nevertheless, you will learn how shallow and the quality of Malaysian Joe public.

What I heard are either black or white. There is few people touching a balance view on the CSL. Everyone are making high and low statement on the moral of the whole problem, few will touch on the CSL work credibility vs his private life.

So what is this whole CSL sex scandal has to do with general Malaysian life? In fact, nothing. Because most Malaysian focus on the moral issue than assess CSL incompetency on his ministry of health job.

In fact, CSL work are WORST as all his predecessor that holding the position. It is not just because CSL lack the ability to bring IMPROVEMENT, but he show a arrogant and ignorance attitude towards the public health episode. Let take a recent example, CSL, as minister of health, rather than STFU(shut the fuck up), he take the role of making insensitive statement on the remark of a case of medical personnel negligence that cause a baby lost an arm.

And in the national health policy, CSL does not address ANY of the national health care issue, he rather choose to continue what his predecessor has done : promote the USA style health care system. While on the back, we see ever deteriorate quality of newly train medical officer/assistant, terrible practice of medical professionalism in favor of feel good bureaucratic administration and many more.

Take the tie issue as example, it is CONFIRMED in the medical world that tie is a health hazard to ALL the patient. Alas, in order to hide their incompetency and know nothing about medical, those jokers insist doctor to wear tie even clear facts are on their desks, given by professional body from the medical industry.

Well, Chua Soi Lek “crime to Malaysian” can continue for pages, if you are interested, you can dig through Malaysia medical resource, a blog that maintain some records of various wrong doing, both in place and work in progress, direct or indirect from minister of health.

I am pretty disappointed majority of Malaysian are distracted by the CSL sex scandal than assessing damage that CSL has done to the country health system. Like most minister in the country, CSL should resign, not because his roles in the sex scandal, but his failure to improve Malaysian health system.

Chua Soi Lek show his guts admitting the sex scandal roles, and that is to HIS FAMILY, NOT MALAYSIAN. In fact, it is none of ANY Malaysian business about Chua Soi Lek sex life.

Chua Soi Lek own Malaysian an apology about his job, but I don’t see many care.


7 Responses to “The guilt of Chua Soi Lek : Malaysian shoot the wrong thing again”

  1. Bernsy

    I read the Star’s article / column about his achievements today. Maybe the problem with the medical professionals in Malaysia is caused by the education system that bring up these doctors.

    So perhaps maybe it is not CSL’s fault, that he inherited a bunch of incompetent doctors…

    Just my point of view.

  2. ChuaSoiLek

    What has Chua Soi Lek’s amateur porn video got to do with his “incompetency on his ministry of health job”?

    You are trying to sound clever and knowledgeable with what little you know of current issues, and your condescending tone about how “shallow and the quality of Malaysian Joe public”, but you seem to forget that the topic at hand is Chua’s little f*ck-video.

    Yes, yes, the guy may be a dick, but that’s not what’s in the news. What’s in the news is what he’s doing with his dick.

    moo_t : So What is your point? I don’t get you!!

  3. harrylum

    `Those who are without sin let them throw the first stone`…….Chua`s sex life is his personal matter….period

    moo_t : Huh?

  4. Maverick SM


    It’s new year day, and still in fun mood; so the people want to have a few more days of fun before the serious issues will be debated!!!

    Nobody enjoys such dirty tactics used to discredit an influential figure. But somehow, matters on sex can motivate readers and relieve stress. That’s why internet porn sites are still the No.1

    moo_t : 🙂 Agree. I love the episode, not the video part, but the “initiative” of the scandal. People behind the video almost spell their name out, when Utusan make the move publish the news. 😉

  5. lin peh

    lets not talk about the soi lek sex with other women. when i was watching the tv conference about it, i was impressed by the courage of soi lek to admit that he was the man in the sex DVD infront of thousand of reporter and millions of malaysian. It show that he is willing to take all the subsequence responsibility due to his act. He is the first and the only public icon in the
    world that can do this after only 2 days his friend show the video to him. There are many others who did this, but no body will come out and admit it. On the moral context i would says: u should resign, but personelly: u are the man. we are proud of u. It should be settle now as he already resign. Last thing i want to talk is, he is too innocent to be in politic. althrough u are strong, u are very capable. but politics is politics. the people who always straight forward like chua is going to die faster.

    moo_t : Lin peh, I know you are nice. But ‘too innocent” is never inside any politikus dictionary.

  6. lin peh

    i am quite interesting on who is the real director of this sex movie. Obviously it is not done by somebody who was just having fun by taking other’s people sex video or people who want to look for new topic to boost their porn VCD business. It seems to be well planned with 4 camera in the room and the video is being released at the right time. It looks like a systematic plan to stab chua from behind. So the most important question now is, who is THAT GUY?? from Opposition party??DAP? PAS? KEADILAN? i dont see any clear benefits to them. No matter how. usually MCA will get 4 minister post if BN win in election. From BN tself? maybe? he is too hot recently and become the fastest rising star or he is arrogant so somebody jealous at him. But it is just maybe THAT GUY emotionally not happy with chua and open a champagne after chua step down. No obvious motive is there. From other people who are personelly and non political enemy of chua? So what will happen if chua step down? nothing! THAT GUY will just ‘tepuk tangan’ and clebrate it only. No obvious benefit is there as he already said that he never involved in any business. So!! what if, THAT GUY is standing beside chua, what is going to happen if chua suddenly step down???

    Anybody have any idea or analysis in the current politic situation regarding our ex-health minister??

  7. Dada

    Waaaaaa moo_t your England so the terror one lah! No wonder you so crever!

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