Why Chua Soi Lek force to go : A saga of Bolehland political suicidal

Posted On 03/01/2008

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One MaChAi minister going down the drain.

No, I don’t feel happy, except amused.

All the comment spread around the blog world are never toug

When Lim Kit Siang write his own view about the poltiical back-stabbing game, (definitely more comment than my blog ) , I notice many people won’t don’t get it, not unless you have go through some learning process.

Highly experience sounds good, alas, it has a huge negative agenda behind : experience is nothing if you did not do the right thing in the right way!

Let see some comments


What has Chua Soi Lek’s amateur porn video got to do with his “incompetency on his ministry of health job”?

You are trying to sound clever and knowledgeable with what little you know of current issues, and your condescending tone about how “shallow and the quality of Malaysian Joe public”, but you seem to forget that the topic at hand is Chua’s little f*ck-video.

Yes, yes, the guy may be a dick, but that’s not what’s in the news. What’s in the news is what he’s doing with his dick.


I read the Star’s article / column about his achievements today. Maybe the problem with the medical professionals in Malaysia is caused by the education system that bring up these doctors.

So perhaps maybe it is not CSL’s fault, that he inherited a bunch of incompetent doctors…

Just my point of view.

I think “commenter-Chua Soi Lek”(commenter-CSL) are “Chua Soi Lek- The minister”(CSL) loyal supporter, well, in Malaysia, you know that political supporter always mean a “scratch-each-other-back” games. I feel sorry for commenter-CSL. Folks, you join the wrong bandwagon.

Yes, it is his personal life, unfortunately, his apology cannot save his courier (and save your’s). As Malaysian, you should be matured enough to know that what bring down a minister is NEVER his personal life, but political reality. After all, CSL are just another “rising-star” candidates in politics. Smart enough to rise, but not smart enough to sustain. CSL resignation is NEVER due to the over-hyped-over-abused “the people will”. Instead, it is about “political-will”. Except those direct benefit when CSL holding the office that give the praise; the Joe public people can’t think of a praising word on CSL, especially the country health care system keep deteriorating on CSL hand.

commenter Bernsy has doubt,
Maybe the problem with the medical professionals in Malaysia is caused by the education system that bring up these doctors.

See the “Maybe”? Yes, it is a clear doubt. Let me give you a hint Bernsy, NO ORGANISATION SHOULD RUN ITS DEPARTMENT AS ISOLATED ENTITIES. Pick a copy of The Goal(Author Eliyahu M. Goldratt), You can answer the question by asking another question : What is CSL goal when he held office of Minister of Health.

If you read any Malaysian mainstream newspaper, you will see a lots of flying color that even CSL himself don’t believe. But since his own people want him to go down, paper like theStar has give many “other side thinking” with a DOUBLE meaning title “Chua – highly experience”. Just look at his “achievement”
(scandalously copy and paste from thestar, the paper own by CSL party)

One of the changes he made when assuming the post in 2004, was to direct all district-level hospital directors and health officers to do clinical work.

Other changes he instituted were:

# CUTTING down the waiting time at government hospitals from some three hours to 90 minutes;

# SEPARATE counters to serve patients with chronic diseases, the disabled and senior citizens;

# EXTENDING operating hours of selected health clinics;

# RAISING the salary of clinical specialists by RM1,900;

# EXTENDING housemanship training from one year to two years beginning this year to ensure housemen receive adequate training and clinical experience, and are competent to practise;

# IMPLEMENT the harm reduction programme, consisting of methadone maintenance therapy and the needle and syringe exchange programme, carried out to curb HIV infection among injecting drug users; and

# GETTING pig farmers to sign a loyalty pledge to not use illegal substances, including beta agonist, on their livestock.

Oh dear, just think about this, don’t you think individual state medical department can achieve the EXACT effect without Chua Soi Lek? And many issues follows:

  1. Sustainability. Did CSL help implement a sustainable system? Or merely bureaucratic “boss order”? Where the process will regress when one step down.
  2. Improvement cultures. Is there any? Or just “minister order” again?
  3. Does he improve availability of health care ? I don’t think so. You can read it all in “The grave sins of Chua Soi Lek”
  4. Has he did anything to improve the overall quality of medical services?

The list continue.

The grave sin of Chua Soi Lek
I am borrow the title from Anil Netto, from the angle of that end Chua Soi Lek political life.

The biggest “sin” of Chua Soi Lek are not the scandalous image that “tarnished” BN or MCA itself, because both entities are corrupted, sex scandal shits are common ingredient of BN. Reason to bring down Chua Soi Lek are obvious political, he did a grave
mistake that trigger the gang punching effect from MCA and UMNO. I don’t know the UMNO factor, but there is a strong hint from the media repetition on a word “30 over years of political life”.

In fact, all BN internally has a stagnant Lazy susan culture. They must rotate the “dishes”(positions) from time to time to content the hunger of avarice, otherwise you will see a war broke within the parties because people refuse to go. And this “invention” or more accurately “going backward” method are invented by no other than the Malaysia previous prime minsiter Mahathir Muhammad. But similar to all flaw made by Mahathir, he forgot limited size of the tables and dishes can never copes with ever increasing people joining the BN feeding frenzy. It is unhealthy, but nobody complain it until the dishes getting thinner, or even vanish. Badawi mega-size cabinet just show that Mahathir Lazy-Susan games are reaching its peak.

So when MORE people (MCA exco) compete for the same bowl of rice, people refuse to follow the give way rule will be their No. 1 enemy. And outside, it is not going anything good. CSL has rob all the credit of department executive below him and make as his own. And thanks to Malaysia politic driven culture, many of this department executive are link back to BN, and many are from UMNO.

So CSL has make enough enemy within and outside. And how about typical Malaysian? His performance are no better than his predecessor. Instead of maintain it, he make thing worst. All his “achievement” only deserve to earn gazillion kicks on the ass!

Come on, people, can’t you see this? Just take an example. Imagine you are Citibank CEO, do you want to take credit of CUTTING down the waiting time of teller from 30 minutes to 5 minutes in a shareholder meeting?

Well, if you are not old and mature enough to know about the situation : I can tell you Citiabank shareholder will immediately raise an agenda to kick the CEO out of office, because he is doing work that an executive pay 10,000 less salary can do.

What if the Citibank CEO claims “Drive the process to instill an cooperate culture to adapt process to improve quality and sales, reduce waste“. And the CEO just present of various department doing the improvement and show the profit, NONE of the credit go to himself.

I hope you see the different.

Timing is right
Should the sex scandal video “leak” earlier, CSL will take an easy leap without a hitch. Rumor say CSL rising has something to do with Badawi, so any other political excuses are not easy to down CSL. Malaysia are a country that many minister take a easy escape from the sex scandal.

Should the video appear JUST BEFORE Badawi marriage, CSL can get away with it. If Badawi didn’t announce himself as moral advocates of Islam Hadiri, CSL can get away. If Badawi don’t need to dissolve the parliament in year 2008, CSL can get away.

So the timing is just right. There is no reason Badawi to defend CSL since he just get a new wife less than 6 month. To make thing worst, CSL has make enough enemy to lead his fall. Whether MCA OKT or Mr 4.6Billions CKC, there has a reason to see CSL go away.

To OKT, CSL “rising star” has something to do with Badawi, and he don’t like it. Even OKT didn’t like his VP, CKC either, but thanks to PKFZ RM4.6 billion scandal, CKC become less of a nuisance. For CKC, CSL position are in “clean state”, a clear threat to him. To UMNO, people that have been step by CSL and not in Badawi camp, just waiting for anything pass from MCA.

So when the time is right, it click. These high ranking MaChAi instruct his subordinate pass the video, while Utusan Malaysia help “spread” the SALES , linked VCD/DVD peddler distribute the VCD/DVD. And let it summarise it, the whole “operating gaming CSL” taking participation of

  1. Chinese : MaChAi that source video
  2. Chinese illegal VCD/DVD syndicate to print and distribute the video
  3. Malay : Utusan.M to help market the video
  4. Malay : Special branch must close one eye on the video distribution

Isn’t it amazing, just look at the coordination. Well, if only Malaysia government are work that way for the welfare of the people instead to the ruling elites.

CSL know what are coming when he learn the news broke out in Utusan. Everyone know Utusan are Malaysia official “verdict” deliverer. The apology are merely move to earn praise, since denial is futile anyway. Alas, as some people has pointed out, CSL has earn enough bad karma, Badawi has to let go CSL, the election are too close to bring damage to his image. Furthermore, 4 years of work in ministry of health, CSL didn’t do much to bring up Badawi image either, and Umno people within the MoH accumulate their rant over CSL, to Badawi, even without the scandal, he must let go CSL, after all, he is just a Chinese minister that are dispensable.

Suanie : if mouse is mice, why isn’t spouse spice?

Anil Netto : “The grave sins of Chua Soi Lek”

Shadowfox : Katerina Batu pahat sex scandal hotel


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