Majority after all NOT majority

Posted On 06/01/2008

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How many “majority” voters represent the people anyway?

The number of majority
Number don’t lies, but man will manipulate statistics.

Take Malaysia as example
Within 25 millions people, with average 72 years old lifespan, and eligible to vote on 21.

People eligible to register = (72 – 21 ) / 72 x 100% = 70.83%

The reason why Malaysia government refuse to drop the voting age? Number tell you what Malaysia government afraid.
People eligible to register = (72 – 18 ) / 72 x 100% = 75%

If 10% of the population NEVER register, using the 21 years old statistics, we see the number of voters significantly dropped
70.83% eligible – 10% not registered = 60.83%

By average, Malaysia voters has only 70% appearance rate, thus
60.83% x 70% = 42.58%

So what did the number tell you? In fact, fewer than 42% Malaysian vote

So what the f*ck about majority
See the number 42.58%? It doesn’t end there.

Remember last election, where the ruling party won 70% of the vote but nabbed 90% of seat by cheating with gerrymandering? Well, the picture are WORST than you can imagine.

Using the number 42.58%, even with 70% really go to the ruling party, the real majority vote are actually
42.58% x 70% = 30.66%

And this happen count the “de facto” cheating army votes, that go to the ruling party.

Even we talk about two third majority, 30.66% hardly reach the one third 33.33%. This mean, the whole majority are nothing but bullshit.

So when the mainstream newspaper and mainstream party talk about “majority”, they are actually referring to one third (1/3) of the population.


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