Malaysia truly dysfunctional – stupid NRD!

Posted On 10/01/2008

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Teenager seeks biological parents to get MyKad

Yn Seng was given away to Low and her late husband Chan Wai Chee by an Indian couple in Kuala Kangsar in 1989, said Cheng.

Low and Wai Chee had always wanted a son so they willingly took the toddler in and registered his birth certificate at a police station that same year.

“The problem was that they listed themselves as the parents and gave Yn Seng a Chinese name,” Cheng said.

Without a MyKad, Yn Seng had to stop school after Year Six as he could not register in any secondary school.

What is so wrong for Malaysia National Registration Department(NRD) to register an Chinese adopted Indian when “he doesn’t possess a India name”.

What is fucking wrong with the mother fucker inside NRD? Isn’t it simple, when the child have ALL the documents, the skin doesn’t matter. Mother fucker in NRD must have forget they are actually REFUSING the government official document issue by NRD itself : the birth certificate are OFFICIAL. Unless NRD want to challenge their own mistake.

Now I wonder, are Malaysia in truly dysfunctional state : Where a department can DENY official document issue by themselves. Whether the child are born India or Chinese, NRD must honor it an issue the Child a Mykad. Because the CONTRACT are solid. A government department cannot simply write off a contract using their personal feeling.

Well, Malaysia just pay billions Ringgit on compensation to various concession, bail out and canceled contract (TOLL, PKFZ, the infamous Johor scenic bridge,etc) . It is a spirit of honor the contract. But in NRD, all in sudden, the contract doesn’t held.

So what next?


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