More Dog eat dog show unleashed in Bolehland

Posted On 12/01/2008

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Knowing the danger, dog won’t go near a tiger.

Alas, the greater danger always within the “friend”.

When the physical assassin(vs Logical assassination of CSL ) of MIC-key political representative broke off, I can only think of “dog eat dog “. (bite are too lenient in such a case)

So when MIC-key leader say “it can happens to anyone”, Aisehman say He Must Be Joking. I agree with Aisheman , MIC-key crocodiles tear can’t fools us.

Perhaps it is a good chance for 4D, Damachai and Sport Toto? Both “political assassination” happen to 61 years old, and both happens in Johor.

Again, Johor prove itself as a bad fengsui place, it is a cowboy town indeed.

Reuters say the slain politikus are 58 years old.

This is not easy , should I bet 6158 or 5861?

2 Responses to “More Dog eat dog show unleashed in Bolehland”

  1. mob1900

    Check the comments I found at
    “MIC-key Deputy sorhai kena shot at Johor!”

    1st response:
    “Was there any loot?”
    (WoW, you know this)

    Besides, nobody gives a hoot about an organisation which does nothing but enrich themselves like their brethen, MaChAi.

    to kick MaChAi and MIC-key in their nuts!

  2. ylchong

    mGf moo_t:

    so desperate ah?my input: 6160-lah, or 6061, cos one SL macahi corrrected the news reports saying Chua is 60-going-on-61, don’tmake the hell minister older-lah , lenglui will de-frock around.

    PS: when you strike it BIG like Zak’s small house, can buy my Place for 20mil ah? I am desperado, rupiahs consider arseso.

    moo_t : 6058 and 5860? To make 20 mils, I need 200 big 200 small. “Pau” the number in Sport toto, damachai ,Magnum , I will be broke in less than 2 weeks.

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