A little bit of humor will save the day ;)

Posted On 13/01/2008

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Kennysia latest casualty on Chicago 7 staff.

Unshamefully copy and paste from his website

Cashier: What would you like to order?
Kenny: I’ll have a Bar-B-Q Cow.
Cashier: Bar-B-Q Cow? Or meal?
Kenny: Just the cow.
Cashier: Just the cow?
Kenny: Yeah. Do I have to feed the cow grass or… what?
Cashier: -_-
Kenny: Does it come with milk?
Cashier: No!
Kenny: So how am I gonna fit it in the car?
Cashier: -_____-
Kenny: So if I want milk shake, I just take the cow and shake it a bit, is it?
Cashier: -___________-

I think she was very annoyed lah. Because in the end, she did not even deliver my order!

Seems the staff lack the sense of humor. But it can be also because the poor command of language. After all, Malaysia school didn’t teach us well on communication.

Yes, we shouldn’t expect much from a RM5-RM7 per hour wages local fast food franchise.

But if I open a restaurant, I will make sure all the staff really has EQ to handles prank and jokes (Definitely not sexual harassment from client, the staff are given the right to react freely if the customer did it). A good waitress can become an assets to the restaurant, unfortunately few Malaysia restaurant really care. And the salary definite not in par with the exploitive fast food chain and Myanmar waitress. 😉


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