When people starved in East Malaysia, West Malaysia spend millions on useless CCTV

Posted On 13/01/2008

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Indeed, Doc Maverick say it all, riding on criminal opportunities

Honestly, if anyone care to USE THEIR BRAIN, you will know CCTV is useless against crime. It CANNOT stop crime, it has little use on identifies a well prepared criminal except seasonal criminal that show his face, car plate,etc!!! A criminal can defeat the CCTV by use a simple method, a helmet. Duh!

So unless you have the technology to mount the CCTV with a SUPER STUN GUN, that can accurately paralyze the criminal when you spot the crime, otherwise, it is pretty useless. For country like Malaysia, CCTV is not very useful in crime scene investigation.

So are you one of those minister that don’t use brain and rely on newspaper to spin the effectiveness of CCTV? Or a Joe Public that use you brain.

Spending the same amount of money investing on Desi faithful Blackie to guard the children is more useful. This will guarantee whatever stranger get a good kiss on the neck when the approach the underage.

p/s : According to medical research, people that always use their brain are less susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease.

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One Response to “When people starved in East Malaysia, West Malaysia spend millions on useless CCTV”

  1. Maverick SM


    CCTV would reduce crimes but will increase Bumi projects for UMNOs.

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