youthmalaysia dot com photo contest R&R make my day ;)

Posted On 15/01/2008

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Just scavenge a piece of promotion mail and leaflet from the spam folder. It is about a photography contest by a website call youthmalaysia. (WTH!!)

And the contest titled :”Youth’08 Expresion Photography Challenge”, subtitled “Capture conceptual expressions of youths”.

And that earn two WTF from me.

Let me copy and paste meaning of youth from wordweb

1. A young person (especially a young man or boy)
2. Young people collectively
3. The time of life between childhood and maturity
4. Early maturity; the state of being young or immature or inexperienced
5. An early period of development
6. The freshness and vitality characteristic of a young person

The contest rules and regulation send me to the floor LOL :

1. This contest is open for all Malaysian below the age of 30, except employees and family members of the organizers.

So that means employees and family members of the organizers are exempted from the age limit rules to join the contest. Dis-cri-mi-na-tion!!!!! 😉

2. The theme of the contest is “Expressions”. Participants are invited to capture the expression of youths during “blah blah blah showcare”.

Huh? Expressions. Then youths? What do you mean youths? Do you mean model? What if somebody shot a SYL (Sweet young lady) that stand next to me?

Now let’s talk about getting the best bang for the bucks.

Participants are required to process & print all photos at the XXXXXXX activity area. The printing cost of the photos (3x8R) will be convered within a minimal fees of RM 20.00, imposed upon registration.

Normally the shop will charge RM8-15 for 8R processing fees. Hmmm, if you have some photo to expand to 8R, why not reap the opportunities for the 8R printing. Well, in a bulk printing scenario, nobody will notice you are NOT printing for the contest. 😉

6. Images captured by cameras must be in digital format. Mobile phone & PDA images are strickly prohibited.

They should straight forward and say, no film camera allowed, only digital camera output will be accepted. and the image size must be 3 Megapixel and above.

7. No digital imposition or image manipulation of any sort will be allowed. Only minor photo touch-ups…. blah blah blah…

Desi teach me to check dictionary when not sure about particular English word. And guess what is the meaning of Imposition
1. The act of imposing something (as a tax or an embargo)
2. An uncalled-for burden

8. Photographs submitted must be in the measurement of 8R and above in soft copy.

First, this term make redundant with rule number 5. And my dear, soft copy means digital copy!!!!! Printout on the paper are called hard copy.

11. All photos submitted are part of the Organizer’s properties, blah blah blah.

I hate this term. Malaysia photography contest organizer rarely make it right on the rights of reproduction. Well, since the 8R printing is cheap, if you shoot someone that make you orgasmyour day, just print it out and take home.

Click the thumbnail and read the R&R yourself.



2 Responses to “youthmalaysia dot com photo contest R&R make my day ;)”

  1. 恩妮

    真的好笑,特别是no 8!

  2. KJ

    i haven’t got my prize yet till now..
    they announced..
    they asked us to go down to collect prize..
    and till now..
    haven’t gotten anything yet..

    moo_t : I though part of the prize given include a magazine subscription? That particular prize should be straightforward.

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