Uncyclopedia talk of corrupted BPR(aka ACA) are truth

Posted On 16/01/2008

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Nothing hurt much than the truth.

I think uncyclopedia might have reveal some naked truth of Malaysia BPR (aka ACA, anticipating corruption association)

There have been many high-profile cases where people are obviously guilty, but somehow these investigations just disappear.The attitude of “hangat-hangat tahi ayam” applies to every high-profile cases, where they are remembered for up to a few days old and then forgotten ever since.

And Lulu just confirmed it . This ACA officer are so corrupted that they can use their brain.

A new nonsense just come out, fresh and stink!

Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) officer Chuah Lay Choo told the royal commission on the Lingam tape that she was unable to obtain the mobile phone numbers of the senior lawyer as he was unable to remember them.

According to VK Lingam, all his handphones were prepaid and thus not assigned with fixed numbers, she said.

Perhaps VK Lingam should claim he also subscribe CALLER-ID BLOCKING services to support the nonsense!

Today, even a 5 years old can tell you that, use your mobile and dial to the person next to you, you will get your own number ASAP. No hassle, 10 seconds job.
Prepaid number are not our Joe Public Streamyx or analog dial up number, where a new number is assigned when you make a dial. Indeed, the prepaid number are FIX unless you throw away sim card and buy a new one.

Now you know why “some” people need Lingam : it seems he has some special power to bring out stupidity of a government officer. I can’t confirmed whether other government officer will be “infected”, but ACA CLC speaking confirm the theory.


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