Uncyclopedia vs Malaysia ISA

Go this update from rssfeed.

The mandarin online independent newsfeed (warning : mandarin only)

Jeffooi CNET Alert over Uncyclopedia on Malaysia

Malaysia’s Internal Security Ministry, which is the custodian of laws governing print media, has found its fingers on the online pie.

There was a directive that alerted newspaper editors on an online resource, the sarcasm-filled Uncyclopedia, warning readers of “untruths, insults and ridicule” about the country.

And to add a salt to the wounds, an latest update of Uncyclopedia about Malaysia says

This article has been declared of PUBLIC CONCERN by the Malaysian Department of Homeland Security
This is because there is no word for “parody” in Malay.

Guess what is the best part : it is the history trait of wiki. It is much funnier than the Uncyclopedia Malaysia page.

Some editing records are hilarious, for example, just check the response on bold.

Revision as of 11:32, 11 January 2008

In the years to come, Malaysians will be corruption-free. Weird things is for many people here even the government minister they didn’t think bribery is a corruption as it didn’t giving harmful to anyone. So, stop exaggerating stuff < — ''Is this fellow on marijuana?Most probably. And several other questionable substances as well, if his pathetic idealism is anything to judge by.

Perhaps we should warned Malaysia Inland security not to use the Onion to assess US intelligent?

Alas, perhaps the Uncyclopedia speak about the truth.


One Response to “Uncyclopedia vs Malaysia ISA”

  1. Klaw

    hahaha, Uncyclopedia is pretty damn good. Those government fellas are seriously too dumb. Wonder what they think about the posting on Singapore.

    moo_t : Enlightened?

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