Proton BLM : Back to basic and some caveat.

Read the review of
Proton Saga BLM review from Paul Tan site .

It is a 1.3 Sedan anyway.

Proton quotes expected fuel economy for the manual model to be 6 liters per 100km, and 6.3 liters per 100km for the automatic model, at a constant speed of 90km/h.

Proton Saga N-Line Manual – RM31,500
Proton Saga B-Line Manual – RM34,998
Proton Saga B-Line Auto – RM37,998
Proton Saga M-Line Manual – RM37,498
Proton Saga M-Line Auto – RM39,998

16.6km per liters mileages? That’s for highway driving, provided you don’t rush your accelerator. Urban driving will yield a 13km/liters.

There is nothing much to awe about this car, besides the comparable price tag to Perodua Viva, or to say, a Perodua Viva/Myvi Killer. In fact, Proton will kill its own Savvy line than making more harm to Perodua.

It is obvious, because Savvy is using a Renault which are costly to maintain compare to Campro engine, which in mass production by Proton now.

So what is the caveat of Proton BLM. For Malaysian, you will see some obvious things pop up

  • Quality. Proton has a QC problem that haunted them till today. Buyer that get Version 1 always got slapped by paying extra on fixing bills. The funny things is, the engine rarely give problem, but their part that procure from elsewhere.
  • Loan. Most Malaysia car dealer has come out with extremely low interest rate (2.5%-3%) to push their car. Proton 4-4.5% are not attractive in the long run.
  • After sales services. It seems every Proton owner has their version horror story to tell on the 5,000KM-10,000KM services.
  • Warranty. As usual, caveat emptor. Proton are slow to response on their manufacturer defect. Defect are not unusual, but Proton has a mindset reluctant to change the manufacturer defect part has give enough negative marketing impression that cost more money to fix.

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