Asia Up, US rebound, Europe down. Malaysian should thank Thaipusam 幸好大宝森节是假期

Posted On 23/01/2008

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Thank goodness.

Anyone take the false note on the “correction” and buy on the weak, they will be caught in the worst scenario. Because all Asian market rebound on the Thaipusam day, however USA and Europe that dip further.

Thank goodness Thaipusam are declare as KL holiday, otherwise you will see rows of Malaysia fund manager jump down from Johor scenic bridge 😉

Seems US market start a rebound after 1pm (USA, New York Time). Besides the 75 point rate cuts, perhaps “funds manager”(guess which is the huge one in Asia) in Asia take note of the dip and rush in to give it a push. It is common sense since the sentimental can easily wipe off few billions gains in Asia stock market. A good indicator of the Asia funds movement are Europe, that doesn’t take the same “strong rebound” compare to US. Will Dow strong “rescue” rebound save the day, we will see.

As shown from yahoo finance, Dow Jones stay below 12,000 point until 1pm(NYT time).


亚洲基金经理大概是被数据冲昏了头, 几天的熊市后还敢来玩反弹。 结果在大宝森节来个大反弹。 香港恒生居然升了 10%。 那些眼巴巴看着区域股市上升的马来西亚基金经理,可能怨恨大宝森节放假。 但是美国和欧洲在大宝森节开市, 反亚洲高潮的继续下滑。 如果马来西亚的基金被亚洲区域误导, 而大肆入市的话, 恐怕只有【死得很难看】一话可以形容。



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