Many Malaysian are clueless about “little Napoleon”

Posted On 02/02/2008

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Large percentage of Malaysian are clueless about the real meaning of little Napoleon. In fact, it is a term widely used by dissident Malaysian refer to the tyrant character, a pig call Napoleon in Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Among all the book I read, Animal Farms is the only book that I refuse to flip again. It is not because Animal Farms are difficult to read or lack of interesting story, but cruel reality. I refuse to read it again as it give me uncomfortable feeling looking at disaster to be happen and you are helpless about it.

In my opinion, any country that FAILED to put Animal Farms as a secondary school material, will degrade or remain in 3rd world category forever. Any country depends on human power to develop the country, need the deep though and face the cruel reality of SNAFU (Status Normal, All Fucked up) in politics.

The tyrant character, a Berkshire pig name Napoleon, has been simplify by Malaysian political bloggers as little Napoleon in order to differentiate it from France Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

The redefinition save times for the Malaysia political blogger. Unfortunately, this simplification does pose a confusion to many Joe Public, for some, Napoleon is a wine. In fact, in literacy world, the writer always indicate Napoleon from Animal Farm , rather take the simple step. Besides clarity of the meaning, the reference is mean to pay gratitude to George Orwell.

And because Malaysia education system are still follow the British colonization ruling method, where philosophy are being ditch to ease the government to control the people. Thus, the simple Animal farm is a poison book to the Ministry of Education.

And what make things worst, I can even bet 20cents with anyone, less than 50% of Malaysia school teacher know the story of Animal farm.

It is important for Malaysian and many young nation to learn the lesson inside Animal farm than the stupid nationalism. Published in 1945, George Orwell Animal Farm has enter the public domain, under project Gutenberg.

If Malaysia opposition really want to make a change, perhaps it is a good time to distribute animal farms in every language to all “incumbent stronghold”.


One Response to “Many Malaysian are clueless about “little Napoleon””

  1. Maverick SM

    I do agree with your observation that 50% of school teachers haven’t read Animal Farm.

    But I do not agree that the book is about cruel reality. It’s reality which we have to ponder upon in real life of the true political life we are ploughing through even in Malaysia.

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