Are Badawi try to imitate Chairman Mao? OMG!

Chinese poster saying: “Chairman Mao is the Red sun of our hearts.”, 1966. Illustration post by Darwinek , wikipedia

Malaysian are group of people that has bad memory. And to make things worst, Malaysian rarely read world history.

In less than 40 years ago, , the communism China has undergo an man made nuclear explosion : Great Leap forward (1958-1960) and Cultural Revolution(1969 – 1976) .

Both plan are quite effective, so effective, it wipe off at least 19-25 millions population in great leap forward and another few millions during cultural revolution. Bare in mind that, in year 2008, Malaysia has a population of 26 millions and 2 millions+ immigrant worker.

During Mao Zedong administration, he is craze of political propaganda and make him self an idol to the China people. It wen tot a extend that, a stain mark on the printed Mao Zedong portrait leaflet are consider a crime, subject to crime charge equivalent to murder. Any action that tainted or tearing little red book, will subject a fate no better than DEATH itself, endless torturing are guaranteed.

When I see Malaysia Prime minister Abdullah Badawi claim the act of tearing newspaper that contain his portrait as biadap (English – Insulting) , I think of Mao Zedong, the communism tyrant that play the Mao worship and propaganda.

Malaysian should be remind that, a 26 millions population can NOT sustain a Prime Minister that play an idol game. Worst, this “Islam Hadari” Prime Minister also playing a hypocrite personal worship game that against his Islam teaching.

It is absurd for Taiban in Afganistan to blow up the Bamiyan Buddha, to against “infidel religion that worship idol”(Another huh!).

However, in Malaysia, a state with Muslim population, Abdullah Badawi say the newspaper that being tear with his portrait are “insult”. Are Abdullah Badawi try to “upgrade” himself to the same status as the Prophet in the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy ?

Can Malaysia sustain a tragedy to maintain a leader that uphold personal worship than anything? I don’t know. Because history told us, majority are idiot.


One Response to “Are Badawi try to imitate Chairman Mao? OMG!”

  1. Maverick SM

    Hahaha! That’s a good analogy.

    I hope this coming election will proof us wrong; that the people are intelligent and wise in their voting.

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