Bolehland in risk of cultures wipe out with “prince of land” games

Dr Azly Rahman A Malay view of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’, is a cry for awareness for all Malaysian.

Although the topics means for Malay people, IMHO, it is a clear and present danger for Malaysian.

Again, I must brought out George Orwell Animal Farm.

Always, the biggest enemy of humanity is not alien from outer space, but ourself. And the biggest enemy for Malaysian, are not evil-imperialism-capitalism-western-country, but Malaysian itself.

When a certain entities start playing the monopolies games on special treatments, rights and thinking, it is a power corruption that lead to a ultimate disaster.

Today, Malaysia government are riding on the both the racial and religion monopolies. Cover by the name of “harmony”, as Utopian world that worship by communism country before the power corruption problem start surface.

20th century is the biggest humanity nation building experiment that the history ever go through. But after half a century, the intellectuals start questioning whether those independent country are actually a Animal Farm replicate, where the country are rules by many Napoleons who replace the place of original slave master.

Tunku Abdul Rahman might be a visionary for nation founding, however, in my opinion, he is not a visionary for nation building.

I don’t know whether Tunku read George Orwell Animal Farm, if he read it, I bet he and other nation founder will implement a failed safe constitution to prevent the nation falling into the hand of many Napoleons.

The body snatching incidents, monopoly on the term of God, apostate rulings, systematic eliminate vernacular school, approved permits, etc are social problem. However, thanks to the neo-colonisation education (that minus English to all subject)that Malaysia undergo for 50 years, generally Malaysian are in false sense of security about themselves.

Indeed, I see the majority “prince of land” are surrendering the give of natures for humanity : THINKING. It seems majority of “prince of land” are underwent the EXACT mindset of the people rules under USSR communism. Worst still, it does not limit to Malaysia, many 3rd world country actually underwent the exact process of self-destruction and refuse to admit it. It doesn’t matter whether it is a Islamic country, a Christianity country, etc.

It seems the more the people surrendering to the Napoleons to “guard their rights”, the more they risk their cultures and humanity being wipe out by the Napoleons. Just take example of the King Zakaria that build his castle with all sort of illegal practice that make legal with political means, the worst part are people start approving and even praising him. Not, not just the Napoleons that share the same status as King Zakaria, but also the peoples that with the same ethnics with Zakaria.

Many brave Malays intellectual has sense the danger of cultural wipe out from various Napoleons. However, the real problem are not just from the one ethnics itself. Rather, all cultures in Malaysia face the wipe out issue from various ethnics Napoleons. For example, Badawi trying to use MCA to monopolise the Chinese cultures, use MIC to monopolise the India cultures, etc, using the excuse of “religion middleman”. However, the simpleton game that play on Malay doesn’t works on Chinese and Indian, because both ethnics cultures didn’t suffer the same cultures wipe out as in Indonesia during Suharto ruling, or wipe out of Polynesian cultures under the ruling parties.

Unfortunately, despite the urgency to uphold a nation cultural identities to integrate into the globalisation game, the country are yet to start a forum to oversee this serious issue of cultural wipe out. The country lack of a forum and awareness program to learn the hidden danger of silence part of cultural revolution .

Today, I see people with fundamentalist rampant the country with authority position and never realise they a way off course that against humanity nature. There is no check and balance power are able to curb this authority power for evils.


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