Mother nature will punch harder

When the snow storm hit the unexpected China, it caught the country off guard, especially the Chinese government, that experience with annual floods, has little clue resolving the disaster aftermath. The estimated losses claim to be 53 billions yuan (~27 billions Malaysia Ringgit), or close to 1.54% of China year 2007 GDP.

Beside blaming the “abnormal” weather, we know that this is a immediate warning of global warming : the Mother nature are no longer keep the patient, but retain its course of reverse things that human has make upon the nature.

China might cry foul for its disaster prone nature and call it ill fate. However, no country in this world are ever escape the Mother nature punishment after all the wrong doing. Most “disaster” looks bad in China is due to its dense population. Take example of United State of America, due to its sparse geographical landscape and sparser population density, when natural disaster strike, the scale of human casualties is always 100 times lesser than what happens in China. And we shouldn’t forget that disaster of New Orlean, the scale of disaster are much greater than the snow storm in

China, beside become one of the world top 5 carbon emission country, does not less to pollute and destroy its environment with various industry development. If one check the trend of rapid China growth, you will learn 1 year of growth, is running at a pace 20-30 times more rapidly than western country Industrial revolution that start from late 18th century. So after all, the Mother nature does not discriminate nor give a discount.

Due to their early industrialisation, sparse population, USA and European country already paying hefty Mother nature punishment. Because it stretch to a wide geographical area and long period, few people will notice the wrath of Mother nature.

The current China premier Wen Jiabao has make a call to look into the the environmental factor to sustain economy growth. If China doesn’t speed up the pace to preserves its environmental issue, bigger natural disaster are assured in the future.

India, Russia, Vietnam and other country that follow the similar industrial growing trend should aware of their environmental issue. When Mother nature tired of showing force on remote area, no major cities will stand its wrath.


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