Rowan Williams sharia law view indifferent to absurdity of Asian value

Posted On 09/02/2008

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When the Archbishop Canterbury,Rowan Williams defends his Sharia remarks over civil law, many paper and comments failed to see the thinking of Archbishop.

Whether praise of condemn, there is one basis that all intellectual should think about : what ground are the Archbishop Canterbury holding when making his statement?

Isn’t it obvious, when Archbishop Canterbury say to respect the “different” of Muslim group, the hidden message behind it are humanity value vs cultural stand point.

What Archbishop Canterbury claim actually NOTHING NEW.

If anyone recall the period of ex-Singapore premier Lee Kuan Yew fooling around Asian Value. In short, Asian value is a political idea that use cultural different as excuses to to challenge the universal humanity value, a political bullshit that fail to stand the logical intellectual challenge.

So what Archbishop Canterbury are not different than media that support Asia countries leader that claim Asian value : on the basis of they are different.

However, from the stand point of Archbishop Canterbury, Rowan Williams, this mean more than that. Like all the Europe/US media and scholar that praise the “distinguish” Asian Value , it is a thinking try to reason that universal humanity value DOES NOT apply to other human being that does not share the same culture traits as European .

Famous Taiwan writer, Ms Long YingTai has point out the the absurd idea of Asian values

The ideology of multitude cultural sounds attractive : various cultural are significantly different. But in my opinion, the solution does not lies on the “respecting” of different culture, but lies on the “understanding” on the the cultural different.

When Thomas Mann exile to United State of America, US journalist ask him whether he miss Germany, Thomas Mann say, “Wo ich bin,ist Deutschland” (Whenever I been, it is Germany). Thomas Mann has send out a clear message : If there is a need to choose a person to represent German culture, than the person will be Thomas Mann, not Hitler.

Just tell me, did anyone who support cultural relativity idealism support the “different” of Nazi German cultural by Adolf Hitler? It is truth that the same culture birth a great man such as Thomas Mann, however, it also raise tyrant such as Adolf Hitler.

If you simply accept a country ruler One-sided story about different value of cultural stand point and refuse to question it, besides showing one foolishness, it is also an act of ignorant to the people suffered under the tyrant regime.

Original text in Chinese language (utf8)


When Rowan Williams “acknowledge the liberty of conscientious objection”, it show that either he is foolish or worst, ignorant to people suffered under the regimes that abuse them with the Sharia law.


尊重谁的文化差异 – 龙应台, Long Ying Tai – Respecting whom cultural different?


One Response to “Rowan Williams sharia law view indifferent to absurdity of Asian value”

  1. Maverick SM

    We actually don’t have an idea what or why Rowan made the statement.

    I think we should leave an open mind as it would have been a great discourse if objectively debated.

    moo_t : KTemoc just pointed out, Rowan try to reason some value that exist both in Sharia and civil law. IMHO, it is danger to say anything to bring Sharia in the picture. A universal value that share by many should not be compromise because subset also having the same things.

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