He lies. Parliament dissolve today

Malaysia’s PM dissolves Parliament.

But wait, yesterday he say something

“Esok tak ada” (No, it won’t be tomorrow), Prime Minister Pak Lah said.

“What makes you think that? How do you know it’s going to be the last Cabinet meeting before elections are called?” Pak Lah asked when responding to a question by a reporter.

That is blatantly lies. If he don’t want to confirm the “rumor” , he can say, “Well, why not you check it out tommorrow?” instead of denial.
Remember, this is a Prime Minister that CANNOT remember his own word in 24 hours. Just imagine all those “sweet candies” bribes he promise to various parties. Guess how many “sweet candies” will vanished because he “forget”.

I ROFL about all those sweet promises and announcement. Remember, Malaysia is a country with lots of Napoleons (Animal Farm) that work around black and white paper for personal and political interest. If black and white can be override, word and mouth promise from a Prime Minister is nothing more than a blow on the air. On top up of those casualties, the Prime minister also has a “bad memory”.



One Response to “He lies. Parliament dissolve today”

  1. pablopabla

    A true example of an Islamic leader… I was going to post about this lie but well, I won’t now cos you’ve done it.

    moo_t : Well, it is not a redundant if you post it. Since different blogger has different view, and different reader 🙂

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