Malaysia E-Government my a$$ : the ridiculous postal vote


It make many people get mad when learning the truth of Malaysia postal votes.

Unless one are associated with Malaysia ruling party, eligible Malaysia voters are NOT ALLOWED to vote through post.

ROFL. we are living in 21st century. Where Internet connection will give you instant information in seconds.

Malaysia postal vote are not better than phantom voters. It is open secret in Malaysia that postal votes are mixture with phantom votes and de-facto go to ruling parties. If an audit carried on the corrupted Election Commission, I can assure you that, 99.9996% 😉 of the high rank officer will certified to burn in hell.

Now come to the postal votes, it is funny that in year 2008, the 21th century, there is no system to relay the counting from Malaysia embassy around the world corner, despite the 21st telecommunication infrastructure. It seems Malaysia still running on 1957 infrastructure. Postal votes shouldn’t remain postal, indeed, it can be FAXED, SCANNED, VIDEO count over,etc. Just name it.

And take my word, the broadband is cheap and hardly took 1% of the election commission budget which run over RM200 millions.

This mean, by HOLDING BACK THE TECHNOLOGIES, the de-facto ruling parties, Barisan Nasional, with the help of the corrupted election commission, are able to manipulate the postal votes adding into their vote pool.

Refusal to allow Malaysian individual that reside overseas to cast the votes are just beginning. The rots are worst than what I imagine previously.

p/s: Do you know that the Malaysia Inter-bank Cheque clearing system already utilized broadband technology to transfer signature and cheque image to allow overnight clearing?


One Response to “Malaysia E-Government my a$$ : the ridiculous postal vote”

  1. mark

    I think we would be happier being rules by a bunch of monkeys!
    I never vote n i will never vote ever what the use?
    Just leave Malaysia thats all I can say

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